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12 Animals Crossed With Food (12 photos)

Artist Sarah DeRemer has created a strange illustrated series of food hybrids made with animals, fruits and vegetables named “Animal Food.”

Penguimelonanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (1)
Cardinatoanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (2)
Mandrill Orangeanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (3)
Limonanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (4)
Orange Chickenanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (5)
Kiwianimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (6)
Bananakeanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (7)
Carroxanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (8)
Frovacadoanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (9)
Sea Cucumberanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (10)
Eggplirdanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (11)
Hippotatoanimal-food-Sarah-DeRemer (12)source: Sarah DeRemer

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