18 Surprising Facts About Taco Bell (18 photos)

18 interesting facts about Taco Bell you probably didn’t know.

Taco Bell once petitioned the government to start printing 2 bills again.interesting-taco-bell-facts (1)
Taco Bells menu is just as viable for weight loss as Subways.interesting-taco-bell-facts (2)
The Doritos Taco took about three years to make, from inception to when it was released for consumption.interesting-taco-bell-facts (3)
Taco Bell sold about 1 million Doritos tacos a day.interesting-taco-bell-facts (4)
The Doritos Taco was so successful that it helped Taco Bell add 15,000 jobs to the company.interesting-taco-bell-facts (5)
Taco Bell was originally called Taco Tia.interesting-taco-bell-facts (6)
There are no Taco Bells in Mexico.interesting-taco-bell-facts (7)
Even though the Taco Bell Chihuahua character was male, the dog was actually female.interesting-taco-bell-facts (8)
Taco Bell offers French fries at some of its overseas locations.interesting-taco-bell-facts (9)
Taco Bell is one of Macaulay Culkins preferred brands so much so that he had Christmas lunch there.interesting-taco-bell-facts (10)
The original cost for a Taco Bell taco was 19 cents.interesting-taco-bell-facts (11)
Taco Bell headquarters is one of the most beautiful structures on earth.interesting-taco-bell-facts (12)
Taco Bell cinnamon twists start out life as these little pasta things.interesting-taco-bell-facts (13)
The Taco Bell Chihuahuas name was Gidget.interesting-taco-bell-facts (14)
When the Mir space station was crashing down to Earth, Taco Bell put a giant target in the ocean and proclaimed that if any piece of the station hit the target, everyone in the U.S. would get a free taco.interesting-taco-bell-facts (15)
Taco Bell has siblings! AW, KFC, Long John Silvers, and Pizza Hut are all of Taco Bells brotherssisters since Yum Brands is their collective fathermother.interesting-taco-bell-facts (16)
Taco Bell used to have salsa bars.interesting-taco-bell-facts (17)
Its beef is real, despite what you may believe.interesting-taco-bell-facts (18)


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