aleppo-before-after-war (7)


aleppo-before-after-war (7)


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  • Amazing, how dull. Such excess and bad taste, to say the very least, from possibly the most sick and controlling, oops, one of the wealthiest families in the world – one that most people aped back then. Look where that got us. Poor world.

  • Now it turns out they just have crazy-ass theme parties even after college instead of carefully planning out their world-domination schemes and that’s not okay either. Whatever they do at their meetings, it seems people find the idea of more than one rich person in a room disgusting or frigthening. After all, they might rot themselves together in the end and overrun the few poor and middle-class people 😀

    [There are some grains of irony in their, but also some grains of truth.]

  • Very interesting. I liked quite a few of those costumes. I would liked to have attended. Very attracrive young ladies, I dare say.