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wtf-internet-pics (6)


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  • So, the Germans bombed some civilian targets and are called terrorists. The Americans bomb civilian targets and are considered peace keepers of the planet and bringers of democracy. This is stupid. Since when have military actions been acts of terrorism? I’m not defending what the Germans did, but the Americans have killed more civilians than any other nation has.

    • It’s true and really sad thing. Sure americunts don’t see it that way through their ‘eagle goggles’ .

      They also say that nuclear bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki was totally justified and nothing wrong in killing thousands of civilians.
      Just think of all the innocent kids. Burning like torches. Eyes melting. Skin falling of from muscles.

      What American says? He says ‘justice!’

      Fucking cunts.

  • Revenghu fer PeerlARBUR!

    The attack on Pearl harbor was a legitimate attack on a military base, but for some reason the ‘Cans will always bring it up as some excuse for mocking the Japanese.
    Like for example after the Fukushima incident, the net was full of ‘Gods revenge for Pearl harbor’ -type messages.
    I guess we could start a trend in spamming the net with ‘Gods revenge for the destruction of the Mohicans’ every time there is a disaster in the states.