Haunted Letchworth Village (23 photos)

Letchworth Village was a residential New York institution built for the physically and mentally disabled of all ages from the newborn to the elderly. Letchworth was closed in 1996, leaving the buildings to decay. Many who worked at the Village refuse to speak of their experiences. (source)

Ruins of Letchworth Village.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (1)
The hospital laboratory, a rumored supernatural hotspot.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (2)
Each of the six groups of buildings included eight small dormitories.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (3)
The hospital, north of the boys group, is known as Letchworth Villages most haunted building.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (4)
Evidence of last nights joyride on the hospital lawn.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (5)
Inside, vines invade a crumbling hallway.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (6)
A dayroom library fueled the flames of an arson attempt.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (7)
A small basement nook of unknown purpose, this was the only door of its kind.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (8)
A storage area in the basement of Letchworth Village.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (9)
An adjacent room was filled with hospital plasticware, some overflowed into this darkened hallway.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (10)
A renegade paintball game left a gruesome mark on this room.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (11)
Cold storage. The first room I came across in Letchworth Village, a morbid introduction.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (12)

Letchworth-Village-Ruins (13)
A dining hall is brought to light as its ceiling crumbles.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (14)
Inside a typical dormitory, some cubbies had four beds cramped within.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (15)
The top floor of Stewart Hall has been thoroughly razed, but the bottom remains mostly intact.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (16)
Fire damage visible on the lower floor.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (17)

Letchworth-Village-Ruins (18)
Many of the cheaply made service buildings were in a similar state.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (19)
Plastic foliage survived a blaze that threatened to take down a two-story building, most recently used for storage.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (20)
Even in broad daylight, the place is eerie. Here, an ominous administration building.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (21)
An unmarked grave in The Old Letchworth Village Cemetery.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (22)
Better late than never, a monument to Letchworths dead.Letchworth-Village-Ruins (23)


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