Famous Women Who Don’t Look Ideal in Real Life (15 photos)

Not all female celebs walking the red carpet has perfectly ideal body. Here are 15 perfectly imperfect famous women.

Jennifer Lopezimperfect-celeb-women (1)

Tara Reidimperfect-celeb-women (2)

Christina Aguileraimperfect-celeb-women (3)

Ann Weeimperfect-celeb-women (4)

Janice Dickinsonimperfect-celeb-women (5)

Eva Longoriaimperfect-celeb-women (6)

Pippa Middletonimperfect-celeb-women (7)

Mischa Bartonimperfect-celeb-women (8)

Maria Menounosimperfect-celeb-women (9)

Kelly Rowlandimperfect-celeb-women (10)

Alicia Keysimperfect-celeb-women (11)

Anna Farisimperfect-celeb-women (12)

Scarlett Johanssonimperfect-celeb-women (13)

Halle Berryimperfect-celeb-women (14)

Britney Spearsimperfect-celeb-women (15)

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