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Nightmare Zoo in Indonesia (21 photos)

Surabaya Zoo is located in East Java, Indonesia. The animals don’t have enough food, NO medical care, and hardly any room to move.






















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  • Damnation to those that keep these animals in such a state of cruelty and deprivation. For God’s sake cannot the Indonesian government intervene?
    This is the stuff of nightmares.
    And this is labelled as ‘Cool’ by Leenks ??
    Is this what humanity has come to?

    Sullied is the name of Indonesia.

    Cannot someone help these poor creatures???

  • Fucking amazing,,no regard for life what so ever….at least the poor tiger who involuntarily gave up his hide (last pic) can now run and feel the grass under its feet, he is the lucky one…what would you expect from a society that eats dogs and rats.

  • What do you expect. Did you all not see the area WHERE this zoo is? Its in a country that can barely keep themselves afloat and fed, if they cant feed their own people how do you expect them to feed animals? Get real and lets concentrate more time and energy into solving bigger problems than zoo animals being abused.

  • It is truly sad and outrageous…poor people trying to mimic societies that can afford to sustain a Zoo. We need to work together to educate and assist the society at large…help them help themselves…however, think about it…we get a tremendous number of goods from Indonesia…we balk as a society at the prices, but the people who make the items are paid pennies and work in wretched conditions. The zoo is a symptom of a bigger issue. If we paid the workers who make stuff for us the same wages we make, then the money would be there to do “right” . there is food in most of the cages, just not enough or the right kind and the conditions are horrid….

  • Okay this is sad. For anyone who thinks this is just because they are poor, you are wrong. These animals are locked there , no way out. If they really cared about these animals they would just release them. Yes in there condition some may die, but they will die free. Keeping them there because they are almost extinct is no excuse. It is just abuse.

  • It can happen when a very stupid president leads in ur country..He’s actually a lot more stupid than the animals at the zoo..literally.. 🙁

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