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Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)

During the war, the Soviets did everything they could to further demonize their opponent. This included elaborate photo manipulation, something the Soviets were well known for doing.

A horrible picture like this…
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
…might not be so horrible after all. Rather friendly, in fact.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
Here you see the Waffen SS about to hang a Soviet civilian.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
In reality, it’s Walter Cruger being awarded the Knight’s Cross.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
One of the more well-known manipulations.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
Turns out it’s not so bad after all.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
Notice how the skyline seems to repeat itself at one point.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
Turns out it was obstructed by a German soldier looking at a Soviet machine gun.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
At the concentration camp, Soviet version.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
German soldiers laughing after hanging a Soviet nurse.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)
You can still see the guy’s coat peeking out in the previous picture. And that post makes a great rope.
Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II (12 photos)


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  • What’s the fucking shit. Those Nazis didn’t need to be demonized, they were demons. Just google “concentration camps photos”. Why to fake something when there were real facts, pictures and evidences of this horror.

    • lol shut the fuck up, pathetic little brainwashed shit. “my social studies teacher told me hitler was the ultimate evil, so using the logic of a monkey when it comes to nazis is, like, totally cool.” you’re a stupid ucking twat.

      • or typically the football coach handled social studies too budgets always tight can’t really justify this guy pulling salary for physical scrimmages. so coach has to double as american social history studies teacher. and we got “Hitler wanted to take over the world !” this evil must be stopped !” If you think about it, IF you think, Germany would need to cleave much or most of that world from the two imperial colonial powers “sun never sets on the UK blah, blah”, being the 3rd Republic of France and the British Commonwealth. And the “Nazis” would not do it alone for Finland,Hungary,Rumania and Italy were allied with Germany. the baltic states, croatia, ukranians, spanish,belgians and just about every european nation had significant numbers fighting for the Reich.

  • I guess photo/manipulation is a long tradition and used by many different groups, even today. For financial, political og personal gain. Why emphasize Russian photo-manipulation during WW2 specifically?

    Is there a hidden political agenda from Klyker? How do we even know these “examples” are real? Maybe they are fake? Maybe Klyker did it? How can anyone know? Noone with intelligence trusts a photo as evidence of anything anymore.

    • In order to fake the originals from Klyker, you would have needed the backgrounds, now revealed, but in the soviet photos hidden by the added victims.
      Photo 1: how could Klyker fake the missing half of the german soldier’s body?
      Photo 2: the hanging in front of general Walter Krueger. If true, as the soviets claim, the following Wiki text would have never existed:
      “Eugen Walter Krüger (23 March 1892 – 11 July 1973) was a highly decorated General der Panzertruppe in the Wehrmacht during World War II who commanded the LVIII. Panzerkorps. He was also a recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. The Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership. Walther Krüger was captured in May 1945 by British troops and was later handed over to American forces. He was released in 1947.”
      Released in 1947. Well, I am pretty sure that based on such a Photo, he would have been executed, not release.
      Photo 3: hard to say. Still, I was a avid reader of soldiers memoirs in WW2. German or soviets, I find it hard to believe that with a woman hanged and a kid crying, those two would have been in such a good mood.
      Photo 4: first half of both pictures is identical and the soviet picture was clearly manipulated. BUT. I think the soviet second half is also original and was added to the first half, probably, only to link that killing to a specific geographical area, a specific place.
      Photo 5: useless comparation by Klyker, since with or without a body, crematory crimes remain crematory crimes.
      Photo 6: I will not lose time with this, germans were never killing medical staff, they were forcing them to work for them. Would you kill a nurse with all your men dying arround? I don’t think so.

    • in the final photo any moderately warfare familiar person would know those are elite and well trained and disciplined soldiers. Soldiers of that caliber regardless of nationality rarely engaged in such sophomoric activities such as bullying civilians. If you want an example of a truly sadistic mob army : The Red Army of Workers & Rapists. millions of german women and children sexually assaulted again and again. to which I ask: how or who, what type of person can maintain an erection and culminate a rape?

  • How come we can be sure the author is not manipulating them after re-manipulating them…??????

  • I’m sorry but in the photo named: “At the concentration camp, Soviet version.” I believe the second version is the manipulated one. Check the pants of the guy in the middle.

    The other ones are ok. I mean, I believe the claim that they were manipulated by the Russians.

  • All you can really learn here, never trust your eyes, always double check. The Nazi regime was pure evil. I think and hope nowadays we all know that. When I look at the faces of the soldiers in those pictures I see human beings with feelings, hopes and know they have a personal history. That makes it even harder to understand. I for myself have made some kind of peace that – as far as one can use this word – that this will always be an unsolvable riddle to me I will never be able to solve…

  • Do you think the Jewish man in the last picture escaped with having just half his beard shaved off?

    Regarding the concentration camp picture, I find it hard to see who could be supporting the corpse in the first picture. (Not that the poor person would need much support.)

    It looks like the Germans were manipulating these pictures as well, to make their war more colourful.

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