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The Weirdest Olympic Mascots Ever Created (17 photos)

Here are some of the all-time most nonsensical mascots from the Olympics.

Amik – 1976 Summer Olympics, MontrealAmik
Athena and Phevos – 2004 Summer Olympics, AthensAthena Phevos
Beibi, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini – 2008 Summer Olympics, BejingBeibi Jingjing Huanhuan Yingying Nini
Cobie – 1992 Summer Olympics, BarcelonaCobie
The Fuwa – 2008 Summer Olympics, BeijingFuwa
Hakon and Kristin – 1994 Winter Olympics, Lillehammerhakon kristin
Hidy and Howdy – 1988 Winter Olympics, CalgaryHidy Howdy
Izzy – 1996 Summer Olympics, Atlantaizzy
Magique – 1992 Winter Olympics, AlbertvilleMagique
Misha – 1980 Summer Olympics, MoscowMisha
Neve and Gliz – 2006 Winter Olympics, TorinoNeve Gliz
Olly, Syd and Millie – 2000 Summer Olympics, SydneyOlly Syd Millie
Powder, Copper and Coal – 2002 Winter Olympics, Salt Lake CityPowder Coal Copper
Quatchi, Sumi and Mukmuk – 2010 Winter Olympics, VancouverQuatchi Sumi Mukmuk
Schneemann – 1976 Winter Olympics, InnsbruckSchneemann
Wenlock and Mandeville – 2012 Summer Olympics, LondonWenlock Mandeville
Yoggl – 2012 Winter Youth Olympics, InnsbruckYoggl

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