23 Interesting Facts About Somali Pirates (23 photos)

Pretty cool facts.

Piracy off the coast of Somalia started with fisherman defending their territory.Somali-pirates (23)
After the Somali government collapsed in 1991 other nations started fishing and dumping toxic waste in Somali waters.Somali-pirates (22)
The local fisherman would board the foreign vessels and demand a fee.Somali-pirates (1)
They called themselves the Coast Guard and their stated mission was to defend Somalia’s territorial integrity until the formation of a new government.Somali-pirates (2)
These patrols eventually expanded their reach and their motives.Somali-pirates (3)
Piracy is now Somalia’s biggest source of income bringing in nearly 200 million annually.Somali-pirates (4)
Most of the pirates are young and come from the war torn southern regions.Somali-pirates (5)
There are typically three categories of pirates.Somali-pirates (6)
The first is the fisherman. They are valuable for their seafaring skill and knowledge of the open waters.Somali-pirates (7)
The second is the ex-militiaman. They previously fought for local warlords and clans.Somali-pirates (8)
The third is the technical expert who operates equipment such as GPS devices.Somali-pirates (9)
The closest Somali word for pirate literally translates as ocean robber but most of the pirates prefer a term translated as saviors of the sea.Somali-pirates (10)
With the use of motherships, the range of pirate skiffs has been extended well into the Indian Ocean.Somali-pirates (11)
Pirates generally access the ships via ladders that they bring with them.Somali-pirates (12)
They will then typically use RPGs and small arms to intimidate the crew.Somali-pirates (13)
Harming the crew typically goes strongly against the pirate code so there have not been very many pirate related casualties in the last few decades.Somali-pirates (14)
The policy of not harming hostages also ensures that governments are less likely to step in and employ do not negotiate tactics.Somali-pirates (15)
The operations are now very vast and intricate with an actual stock exchange existing where financiers can buy stock in upcoming raids.Somali-pirates (16)
There are numerous third parties benefiting from piracy as well. These include insurance providers and pirates who have set up operations to double as pirate negotiators.Somali-pirates (17)
Another interesting side effect is that formerly impoverished Somali and Kenyan fisherman are now able to make a living as fish populations return to normal after the departure of foreign fishing vessels.Somali-pirates (18)
Apparently Britney Spears songs have been used as a deterrent against pirates by warships in the region.Somali-pirates (19)
Several pirates have been prosecuted already, notably 6 were executed by a Yemeni court.Somali-pirates (20)
In contrast, those tried in Europe receive several years in prison and are then typically not sent back to Somalia because it is deemed as too dangerous.Somali-pirates (21)source: eBaumsworld


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