Extreme Filthy Computers (38 photos)

Some of these are incredibly dirty.
Cigarette Smoke + Dust (If nothing else, I urge you to smoke outside.  It is physically painful to clean this.)

Cigarette Smoke + Dust (Note also how it's caked on, instead of just fluffy, meaning it has to be scraped off, in segments.)

Cigarette Smoke + Dust (Seriously it's the worst smell ever.)

Cigarette Smoke + Dust (The smell from cleaning this off makes you retch.)

Fun fact ants like heat generated by capacitors.

Fun fact Computers don't like ants.

How did they even get into the power supply  We may never know.

I can't fix your computer.  Why  Because I burned the building down.

More NOPE.



Oh god, why

Oh that's, that's just great.  Mummified frog.  Wonderful. I'm done.

Still NOPE.

The price of being a school computer.

why - 1vcJ58B

why - 56CfYeZ

why - aTYxnIn

why - DBEs8R8

why - eP4bCUG

why - EZRfK6o

why - F8Wpi2b

why - gkmlewl

why - Gnwf9S9

why - gSR8hlN

why - lNJM172

why - mf5rdiA

why - mPH3jy1

why - MZ29uyp

why - RQUgUrl

why - s2ruBab

why - voI58jP

why - xCHTMUp

why - ysRgJWw

why - z4XyDG1

why did I make this album...


Yay, at least it's eventually clean.

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