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Hamas Summer Camp (19 photos)

Palestinian boys take part in a military-style summer camp being held by the Islamic Jihad movement during the youngsters’ summer school vacation in Rafah town, in the southern Gaza Strip. Thousands of youngsters between the age of six and 16, can participate in the summer camp where they receive military as well as religious training. Boys only. (source)
edfd0ed4 ANP 23645853

edfd0ed4 ANP 23645866

edfd0ed4 ANP 23650973

edfd0ed4 ANP 23661545

edfd0ed4 ANP 23661572

edfd0ed4 ANP 23661632

edfd0ed4 ANP 23661635

edfd0ed4 ANP 23661653

edfd0ed4 ANP 23661655

edfd0ed4 ANP 23661658

edfd0ed4 ANP 23664553

edfd0ed4 ANP 23666259

edfd0ed4 ANP 23666263

edfd0ed4 ANP 23666264

edfd0ed4 ANP 23666267

edfd0ed4 ANP 23666317

edfd0ed4 ANP 23666319

edfd0ed4 ANP 23666321

edfd0ed4 ANP 23666324

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