Russian Versions of Western Stars (22 photos)

Famous people and their Russian look-alikes.

Scarlett JohanssonFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (1)

Bruce WillisFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (2)

Heath Ledger as the JokerFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (3)

Barrack ObamaFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (4)

Chuck NorrisFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (5)

Vin DieselFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (6)

Harrison FordFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (7)

Johnny DeppFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (8)

Jason StathamFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (9)

BjörkFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (10)

Jack NicholsonFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (11)

Jeremy ClarksonFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (12)

Hugh LaurieFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (13)

EminemFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (14)

Milla JovovichFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (15)

Darth VaderFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (16)

SpidermanFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (17)

Robert Downey, Jr.Famous-people-russian-doppelgangers (18)

Doctor ManhattanFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (19)

Captain AmericaFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (20)

Leonardo DiCaprioFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (21)

Hugh Jackman as WolverineFamous-people-russian-doppelgangers (22)


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