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Terrible Pollution in Beijing (20 photos)

Residents of Beijing an other parts of northern China are still dealing with terrible pollution.
February 04 2013 httpwww.abc .net .aunews2013 01 30beijingsmogjpg4492304

Jan 12 2013 httpedition.cnn .com20130129asiagallerybeijing smog

Jan 13 2013 httpedition.cnn .com20130129asiagallerybeijing smog

Jan 13 2013 httpwww.cbsnews.com8301 202 162 57563685beijing air pollution off the charts

Jan 13 2013 httpwww.chinahush.com20130129seven cities in china listed among the ten most polluted cities in the world

Jan 13 2013 httpwww.pri .orgstoriesscienceenvironmentbeijing s pollution defies measurement but not history.html

Jan 13 2013 httpwww.usatoday.comstorynewsworld20130114china pollution1833257

Jan 16 2013 httpedition.cnn .com20130129asiagallerybeijing smog

Jan 23 2013 httpedition.cnn .com20130129asiagallerybeijing smog

Jan 24 2013 httpwww.scmp .comnewschinaarticle1134749smog thickens again beijing pollution danger levels

Jan 29 2013 httpedition.cnn .com20130129asiagallerybeijing smog

Jan 29 2013 httpwww.guardian.co .uktechnologyblog2013jan29technology links newsbucket

Jan 29 2013 httpwww.news .com .autravelnewssmog blankets china in toxic twilightstory e6frfq80 1226564620312ixzz2RSvZpEV

Jan 29 2013 httpwww.theage.com .auenvironmentwhere is the worst air in the world 20130306 2fkg8.html

Jan 30 2013 httpedition.cnn .com20130129asiagallerybeijing smog

Jan 30 2013 httpwww.nytimes.com20130131worldasiabeijing takes emergency steps to fight smog.html

Jan 2013 httpglobalnews.canews385430gallery air pollution in china reaches hazardous levels

Jan 2013 httpinhabitat.comsmog continues to drown beijing with pollution levels that are completely off the charts

January 29 2013 httpedition.cnn .com20130129asiagallerybeijing smog

There039s an app for checking air quality httphealth2measure.comapps457237326

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