Creepy Foods (32 photos)

Bizarre foods eaten around the world.

Chicken ass

Rooster testicles

Wasp crackers

Bread shaped like human body parts

Pacha – boiled sheeps heads

Bull’s penis

Blood Pudding

Durian – horrific smell

Monkeys brains

Ambuyat – boil sawdust

Potted meat

Cockscomb – from top of a roosters head

Rotten soybeans

Human fetus soup

Snake blood

Horseshoe crab

Raw octopus

Codfish sperm

Mopane caterpillars

Dried lizards

Surstromming – rotting fish in a can

Grasshopper tacos

Stuffed camel

Deer penis wine

Sago worms

Roasted ants

Peanut worms

Witchetty grubs

Guinea pig

Deer placenta soup

Squid in a can


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