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  • The buildings in Santos, Brazil could be stabilized and “releveled” using a process known as Compaction Grouting. Simply go to ASCE.ORG/PUBLICATIONS and get a copy of the ASCE/GI 53-19 document “Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide”.
    I have personally lifted and releveled structures like these in Korea, Japan, United States and Columbia, South America.
    The beautiful thing about this system is that it is non-destructive in its application and can be performed while the building is in use. It simply reverses the settlement problem by injecting a very stiff grout thereby displacing the in-situ soils to the point that they heave/lift the earth, structure and underground utilities back to their original elevations.
    I was the Chairman of the Compaction Grouting Consensus Guide Committee and would be happy to help with this solution.

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