The Most Powerful Engines (31 photos)

A collection of 31 massively powerful engines.

Cutaway Of Wright R-3350 aircraft engine.1
Harrier jump jet engine.2
Worlds largest engine. It powers large ships such as the Emma Maersk.3
Honda NSR500 engine.4
The Gepanzerte Transport-Kraftfahrzeug GTK Boxer main engine chassis.5
A 1,900 horsepower Supra engine. This Supra went 246 mph at the Texas Mile.6
Kawasaki Heavy Industries 12cyl. 100,000hp ships main propulsion diesel engine.7
Lancias Triflux, the 1.7L 600HP twin-turbo engine for the ECV prototype Group S rally car.8
H-1 rocket engine for Saturn.9
F-1 rocket engine used in the Saturn V program.10
22,500 Hp the 1400 metric tons H.C Oersted Engine was for 30 years the worlds largest diesel engine.11
Twin-turbo LS Corvette built by Nelson Racing Engines.12
147.1 litre, 10,000 hp Zvezada M503A engine with a 126 spark plugs and a 168 valves.13
Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne space shuttle main engine.14
Airbus A-380 Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine.15
Lexus IS F engine and transmission cutaway.16
One of the two 20-cylinder MTU Series 8000 propulsion engines of the German Rescue Tug Nordic, each capable of 8,600 kW.17
SR-71 Engine Pratt Whitney J58.18
RS-25 engine undergoes hot-fire test.19
Endeavour space shuttle main engine.20
Hyster forklift carrying space shuttle main engine.21
Wernher von Braun standing next to the F-1 engines on the Apollo rocket.22
Discovery space shuttle main engine installation.23
Jaguar XJ13 V12 engine.24
Tatra T955, an air-cooled 22-liter W18 diesel engine prototype from 1943.25
1,200-HP Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.26
BMW M12 Formula 1 engine 5.5bar boost, 1400HP.27
United 777-200 2 engine with cowlings removed.28
F-15 Eagle aircraft engine operating at partial throttle.29
Pratt Whitney R-4360 radial engine. Perhaps the the largest, most complex, and most powerful aviation piston engine ever built.30
Pratt and Whitney f100 engine.31


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