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World’s Smallest Militaries (10 photos)

Here’s a look at the ten smallest militaries of the world ranked according to the active military personnel.

Palestine – With zero active military personnel, the state of Palestine has the smallest military force in the world. Overall, it has 56,000 personnel serving in its military which includes zero reserve military force and manpower of 56,000 is included in the paramilitary force.
Panama – Panama has one of the smallest military forces in the world with just 12,000 total military personnel. The Latin American country, that formed its military after an US invasion in 1989, has zero active and reserve military forces and the number of personnel in the paramilitary force is 12,000.
Costa Rica – Costa Rica, situated in Central America with a population of over 4 million, maintains a small force meant only for law enforcement and foreign peacekeeping but does not have a permanent standing army. It has 9,800 paramilitary personnel while there is no active and reserve military force.
Haiti – The first independent nation of Latin America and the Caribbean, Haiti has a total of 2,000 military personnel. It has no active and reserve force while it maintains a total of 2,000 paramilitary personnel.
Mauritius – Mauritius has a total of 2,000 military personnel. The island nation has no active military and reserve military force while it has 2,000 paramilitary personnel. Its military expenditure annually generally amounts to 0.1 % of its GDP.
Vanuatu – Founded in 1980, Vanuatu has a total of only 300 military personnel, all of whom are a part of the country’s paramilitary force. The island nation has no active and reserve military force.
Monaco – Monaco, the world’s second smallest nation after the Vatican is guarded by a military comprising of just 263 personnel. Monaco has no active and reserve military personnel while there are 263 paramilitary personnel.
Iceland – Iceland has military – Icelandic Coast Guard – guarding its coastal boundaries. The North European country is however the only member in the NATO without any standing army. It has zero reserve military personnel while its paramilitary force constitutes just 130 personnel which is the total strength of its overall military.
Saint Kitts and Nevis – Saint Kitts and Nevis, a two-island state in the Leeward Islands in the West Indies is the smallest sovereign state in Americas in terms of area and population. Its total military consists of 319 personnel. Its active military force has 70 personnel while reserve military force consists of 130 personnel. 119 personnel serve in the paramilitary force.
Antingua and Barbuda – The military force of Antingua and Barbuda, also known as the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force, has a total of 245 personnel serving the state. The military force consists of 170 active military personnel, 75 personnel in the Reserve force while there is no paramilitary force.


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  • You have forgotten all about San Marino, Lichtenstein and Andorra just to mention but a few. I believe that San Marino never signed a peace treaty by the end of the 30 year war during 1618 to 1648 and is formally still in war with Sweden.
    Sweden doesn’t worry of a surprise attack of a force of 11 (eleven) men though!

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